Our purpose is to ‘make evidence make news’, and as part of that work we aim to help researchers bring good evidence about education to wider audiences.

Often our initial contact with a researcher will come via a university press office or an academic publisher – we work closely with them to ensure press releases and pitches get to the journalists who might be interested in them.

The EMC is always happy to hear from individual researchers who feel their research is worthy of media attention – though it will normally suggest the university’s press office should also be involved where possible.

We also receive and respond to queries from journalists who are looking for an academic to contribute to or respond to their stories, so we’re happy to hear from academics who may wish to be contacted in this way about a particular area of expertise.

If you have a forthcoming research publication on education or children and young people and you think it may be of interest to the media, please get in touch. 

EMC also offers a range of training and mentoring services to academic researchers – contact us at

Introduction to the news media

The EMC is independent and impartial, with no affiliation or leaning towards any other organisation, and

it is not our role to promote an individual person or institution, but we are committed to promoting better exposure of education research to the media and the public, and we understand well that dealing with the media can be daunting to anyone who has never or only rarely had to.

EMC staff have the broadcast and journalistic experience in education to work with researchers and their press teams to offer media advice, coaching or training to researchers and academics who would like to gain more confidence dealing with journalists, improving their media communication skills and strengthening the impact of their research.

Contact EMC

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