Criminal Abuse

Criminal Abuse

Sharon Doughty

International Broadcast Journalist and Advocate for Children at Dot Com Digital

Safeguarding & communications adviser to the police for children and young people.

Simon Bailey

Chief Constable of the Norfolk Constabulary and National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for Child Protection and Investigation the UK Safer Internet Centre


10:00 – 11:00 (UK)

Sharon Doughty, a safeguarding and communications adviser to the police for children and young people, will share cases she has handled during Covid-19 and will offer practical advice for education professionals on spotting and handling allegations of online abuse, particularly when learning is taking place remotely.

Simon Bailey, will talk about trends in online child abuse and exploitation during Covid-19. 

  • What has the pandemic taught us?
  • How can school leaders and other professionals ensure they know their pupils are safe during lockdowns?
  • When should they contact the police, and where is the line drawn between inappropriate behaviour and criminality?
  • What are the proper ways for schools to contact police if they have concerns?

This event is Free to attend