Covid-19 and Online abuse

Covid-19 and Online Abuse

David Wright

Director of the UK Safer Internet Centre


10:00 – 11:00 (UK)

In this session David will share insights from Europe-wide research about the effects of Covid-19 on online abuse and exploitation.

  • What are the key concerns during this period in which both children’s learning and their leisure have had to take place mainly in the digital space? 
  • What constitutes good practice by schools in protecting children online, and how can they ensure they have early warning signs when things begin to go wrong? 
  • What constitutes safe blended learning, and how can good communications be maintained even during lockdowns, and with the most vulnerable pupils? 
  • What should schools expect of their pupils and how can they be encouraged to speak up when they feel uncomfortable with an online experience? 
  • What practical tools are available for schools to ensure staff and pupils all know how to stay safe and what to do when problems arise?

This event is Free to attend